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Top Profitable Business Setups in Dubai for Entrepreneurs

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Dubai is famous for its friendly business environment for new entrepreneurs. With a very interesting zero percent tax regime, many incentives, and incubator schemes are available to start and grow. Not only UAE is perfectly placed for business setups with established markets and developing countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, but with two-thirds of the world population in an eight-hour flight, it is the ideal center to trade with all corners of the world.

Naturally, such infrastructure along with the UAE position at the intersection of busy trade routes between Europe, China, the Indian and the Middle East, and North-East African children (Mena) made it very popular in the Dubai import-export business. In 2016 alone, the UAE exported several goods worth USD 98.8 billion, with imports reaching USD 184bn in the same year.

Before operating the Dubai import-export business, it is first necessary to follow the steps described below to meet the legal requirements of all relevant government authorities and to ensure maximum commercial benefits for business owners. Dubai offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs to set up their new business in Dubai. Here are the top profitable businesses to start in Dubai.

Healthcare Professionals and Health Businesses

There is a massive demand for professional health care providers and facilities in Dubai. Therefore, there is an increasing need for more doctors, nurses, paramedic staff, and other skilled health workers. The government itself encourages investors and new entrepreneurs to invest in the health care industry to provide better medical facilities. It has prepared a separate sector for health care located in Dubai. Therefore, a health start-up has one of the best business opportunities in Dubai. There are also many opportunities for health & health sector professionals, such as personal fitness trainers, massage, holistic therapists, and health experts, and traders in vitamins and health supplements.

Real Estate and Construction Businesses

Requests for new tall buildings, structures, skyscrapers, hotels, and resorts with modern designs and architecture are always in Dubai. So, It opens the big door opportunity for civil engineers, construction companies, building contractors, architects, real estate developers,

The real estate industry in Dubai is famous for its impressive return. There are many opportunities to double your investment in the construction and residential sectors. With the increasing number of expatriates in Dubai, there is also an increasing demand for real estate consultants who deal with buying, selling, renting, and renting property and providing property management services in Dubai.

E-commerce/Web Development/IT Companies

Thousands of new businesses are launched in Dubai every year, and they all need a website and online presence. Therefore, e-commerce, web development, cellular application development, digital marketing, and other technology businesses are the most trends in the IT sector for investment. It proposed unlimited opportunities for web professionals, IT professionals, and e-commerce companies as more and more online businesses.

With the rapidly growing digitalization in the region, there will be a sustainable request for web entrepreneurs. Dubai aims to become the smartest city in the world in 2021, and this region has become an international attraction for technology-based, start-up, and IT companies. There are several hubs for technology-based industries, including Dubai y.

Food, Hotel, and Restaurant Businesses

Restaurants and food businesses are known to develop everywhere, at any time. Dubai, in particular, has about one-third of residents who eat at least 2-3 times per week. Also, 17% eat outside or order takeaway every day.

Low investment opportunities in the food business include opening food trucks, market kiosks, or cafeterias. There are also opportunities in the food trade because Dubai handles more than 70% of UAE food imports, and then exports back to more than 160 countries. The food delivery business also develops in Dubai because many workers usually order food from popular food chains.

Oil & Gas Industry Businesses

Most of the wealth available in the UAE comes from the country’s oil & gas sector. Therefore, the oil and gas industry remains the dominant sector in Dubai. All operations, including exploration, extraction, production, transportation and distribution of oil and gas, generate high income for investors. The oil sector has enough opportunities to attract new investors who can start their own business from the beginning or partner with existing companies.

Wrapping Up

Setting up a business in Dubai in any sector can be a frightening task. You need to have a deep understanding of the process involved in registration licenses, completing legal formalities, and submitting a visa application. Therefore, it is best to find professional advice for business settings in Dubai.

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