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Top 5 Reasons Brochures Still Matter for Selling Products and Services

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Digital marketing is essential. However, it has also created fierce competition in the market. Customers are choosing to ignore your brand selling products or turn away from your screens, making it harder to grab their attention, for that marketing brochure will be the perfect marketing way in such cases.

 Are you still not convinced? These statistics are from Bentley University and answer the question “Are brochures still relevant?”  look below these stats

  • 95% of visitors who receive brochures are made aware of a business.
  • 82% of people think about visiting the business that they saw in brochures.

These statistics clearly demonstrate that brochures are not less than a novelty in today’s paperless world. The question is, “How effective are brochures in marketing?”

These are the Top 5 Reasons Brochures Still Matter for Selling Products and Services

01. Budget-Friendly

SME’s and small startups don’t have the resources to market their products or services. They must spread their branding efforts within a limited budget. Brochures are a cost-effective marketing option, as compared to online tools.

 A professional designer can help you create affordable brochure designs. The price of these useful booklets will drop significantly if you purchase them in bulk. Many businesses participate in trade shows and use email promotions to purchase bulk brochures.

 These marketing tools often include your business details, which makes them useful for many purposes. These can be given to loyal customers, prospects, or other people. Also online marketing provides creative company brochure template to create unique brochures for your business.


02. Focused and Consistent Branding

It doesn’t take long for an advertisement to go out of sight. This is true for digital marketing. A brochure gives your brand more exposure for a longer time.

It is easy for customers to take it with them, making it easier for your customer to remember your brand name and help establish brand identity. It contains all information necessary to advertise your products and services. It does this with diligence and a focussed approach.

 03. Reach Target Audience

Marketing brochures can reach your customers as long as they have the correct address. You can also target your online prospects. Your ads might not be noticed or are largely ignored. A brochure that you have placed in front of prospects is not likely to go unnoticed.

 Its potential is also unrivaled. Think about the many take-out menus that we all have, even those in our immediate vicinity. These tangible marketing materials are handy for when we need to reach for the menu, even if we don’t want to cook.

 Networking events increase your chances of meeting prospects. Although most networking events are casual gatherings with chit-chat and general conversation, your brochures will ensure that your brand is remembered by attendees. Your marketing brochure’s materiality helps attendees recall your brand.

04. Descriptive

Digital ads have character and length limitations. A PPC ad can only have 30-30-80 characters (2 headlines maximum 30 characters and one description max 80 characters).

 A Facebook image ad can have a headline of up to 25 characters and a description of up to 100 characters. An Instagram ad has 2200 characters and only two lines, with maximum 30 hashtags.

 A brochure allows you to provide more information about your company, products, and services. Always choose the correct brochure size. If you use professional flyer designs for marketing your products and services, there is no limit to the length or character.

 05. Multiple Distribution Channels

Online is the best way to create a website and place an advertisement. There are many ways to distribute a brochure. You can distribute it through many distribution channels, including newspapers, malls, and exhibition stalls. It can also be sent via mail.

Final Thought 

Brochures are low-cost marketing tools Selling Products that can reach the target audience in a variety of ways. It functions as a genuine marketing ad, establishing credibility for the company and emphasizing its various aspects. A well-designed brochure conveys a company’s values and message while emphasizing its offerings.

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