Top 10 creative business Letterhead Examples

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Top 10 Creative Business Letterhead Examples 

Business letterheads represent your brand and carry important information for your clients. You can include the business name, the business logo of the company, your address, contact information, and website on the letterhead. This might sound simple but there are a lot of creative ways including letterhead template design that can add a unique touch to your business letterheads. 

Check out these top 10 creative business letterhead examples mentioned below:- 

School or University

Although a school or university letterhead must look professional, it should not be boring at all. Usage of the school’s primary colors on the letterhead helps with necessary branding. Simplicity is the key while designing professional letterheads. You can check out simple and minimalistic letterhead template design and customize it to use for your school or university. 

Furthermore, you can use a border of the school’s color palette on one side of the letterhead. You can add a little sense of imagery using the border without taking away the minimalistic nature of the letterhead.  

Investing Firm

The letterhead can be kept clean and clutter-free and still interesting by the correct usage of colors. The monochromatic colors fit this purpose perfectly and you do not need to use black all the time. Mention all the necessary information on the top to avoid your letterhead looking colorful from top to bottom. Take an eye-catching color and use it effectively.  

Black and white-colored letterheads are usually the cheapest. However, you can use other colors and still save money. Usage of a single color except black is still cheaper than full-colored business letterheads. You can easily create letterheads using a letterhead template on your own using Designhill Letterhead Maker. 

Real Estate Agency 

While creating a business letterhead for a real estate agency, professionalism and modernism are the most demanding styles. You can go with a large initial logo design at the top middle of the letterhead. Mention the name of your business just below it to make it look professional and extremely elegant. Colors like black and gold add the much-needed extravagant touch. 

Go with classic fonts and a minimalistic approach to the color scheme. Too many colors will hamper the effect that you wish to generate. Impression of exclusivity and luxury is needed the most here. 

Graphic Designer or Artist 

Being a graphic designer or artist, the letterhead you use must give similar vibes. You can create a serious look on your letterheads. It must be creative, appealing and should have unique designs. You can go for a minimalistic approach but go with creativity too. 

If you cannot go for highly creative designs, use colors. Using multiple colors on the letterhead can help you achieve a similar effect. This will surely look interesting to your target audience and clients. 


A restaurant business letterhead doesn’t need to look professional or simple at all. You can have a little fun creating food business letterheads. Create your letterheads using vibrant and vivid color designs. Moreover, you can keep the letterheads modern and fresh by using creative patterns at the borders. You can use red and orange colors to trigger similar emotions. 

Although the letterheads look simple and easy to design, they involve a lot of complexities. You can use a letterhead maker to make your job simple. The creative letterhead template design is a great option while designing food business letterheads. 

  1. Medical Practice 

A medical provider’s letterhead should look professional without any doubt but reliable at the same time. Even a single glance should confirm that it’s a medical provider’s letterhead. 

Moreover, the letterhead must have a balance between modernity and simplicity. The simplistic and minimal design can be achieved by keeping the letterhead clutter-free and the layout extremely clean. Keep all the important company information on the top of the page and do add certain colors to make it pop. Colors that match with the company’s logo and branding will add a modern touch to the letterhead.

Nonprofit Organizations 

The letterheads of non-profit organizations must look appealing to the existing and potential donors for sure. To make that sure, the letterheads should mention information clearly and in a proper layout. It should also be modern, appealing, and eye-catching at the same time. The company’s information and logo design must pop and should be clearly visible. You can use an online logo maker tool to create a professional logo.

You can go for any color that triggers emotions and gives calm vibes. Most importantly, it must compel the viewers to have a look and pay attention to the cause. Going for subtle and calm colors instead of vibrant ones is a good approach. 

Law Firm 

Basically, business letterheads refer to the letters positioned at the top of the page used for business correspondence. However, in practice, letterhead content can be written anywhere on the paper being used for business purposes. It is a branded template used by a company for its official and business communications. 

The function of the letterhead is the same, regardless of the placement. It provides the company’s important information and increases business branding. A letterhead of the law firm must have necessary details on it along with the identifiable branding. The company’s color palette and logo can be used on the top in a professional style. This will ensure a professional look and color will create visual interest. 


Hotel letterheads should better look elegant. Going for the ultra-modern and extravagant style for hotel business letterhead is best to attract the attention of the target audience. 

For instance, you can keep it simple and elegant on one side of the letterhead while the other side can create visual interest using bold patterns. Here, your focus is to create a good impression in front of your guest, so it is worth spending a little extra money. Make use of creative template design to create stunning letterheads. 


An accountant for letterhead should look trustworthy and inspirational. You can use trustful colors and create an air of seriousness too. Do not use too stylish fonts as they do not send a similar message. Instead, go for serif fonts and create a professional look on your letterhead. Furthermore, do not use lightweight material for letterheads as they give a cheaper look.