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Tips and Tricks to take proper care of a Bald Head

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Besides being easier to maintain, a shaved head has innumerable benefits. But, proper care after Head Shaving is quite essential as well. Depending on the different types of weather conditions, the skull also manifests differently. On sunny days and in the winter season as well, your scalp may dry out and peel, on account of active exposure to the sun rays and the meagerness of humidity in the air. On the other hand, at high temperatures, the scalp becomes oily and shiny. Thus, men who have shaved their head with the Best Shaver for Bald Head must take into consideration the state of the scalp as well as the atmospheric conditions, to take proper care of their bald head.

How to properly maintain Bald Head on sunny days and in cold weather?

When exposed to cold weather and sun, the scalp may dry out and peel because of the absence of hair. This mainly happens due to strong UVA/UVB rays exposure in summer and less humidity in the air in winter. Just scroll through to learn how you can take care of your head after you have shaved with the Best Shaver for Bald Head on both sunny and cold days.

(1) Moisturize: Moisturizing and hydrating after Head Shaving is the first and foremost thing that needs to be considered, especially on sunny days and in winter, when the air is dehydrated. A bald head moisturizer will keep your scalp smooth, moist, and clean, and will also avert any kind of skin irritation.

(2) Stay away from long exposure to the sun rays: The daily dose of Vitamin D which is recommended by doctors is 600 IU, and the safest timeframe for getting it is before 11 am. After 12 pm, the UVA/UVB rays of the sun may be detrimental to the scalp and can also trigger various skin disorders like skin aging, skin cancer, severe sunburns, etc. It might also be the cause of eye diseases like cataracts and heat strokes. Therefore, you should always avoid long exposure to the sun rays, especially between 12 am to 5 pm.

(3) Protect your Bald Head with sunscreen: It is not always possible to avoid direct sunlight. So, the least that you can do after you have shaved your head with the Best Shaver for Bald Head is to apply sunscreen on top of your scalp.

(4) Make use of a Bald Head Cap, especially on sunny days: After Head Shaving, you can buy a nice cap and a nice pair of glasses, and always put them on before you get out in the sun. The cap serves as additional protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays. Yes, it’s true that the hat or cap may lead to abundant perspiration on the scalp, but what is more important is that it blocks out the harmful rays of the sun, thus preventing various skin problems.

(5) Give a try to Wet Shaving: The skin requires extra sources of water, on sunny days and in the winter, one of which is a wet shave. Besides hydrating your scalp, a wet shave also prevents any type of skin irritation, razor bumps, and dryness. Shaving gel, cream, soap, or foam can be used for a wet shave. But, you should also make sure that the Best Shaver for Bald Head that you choose, is water-resistant.

(6) Choose the Perfect Shaver: Choosing a well-adapted shaver is one of the most important things for a fresh and healthy look. It is now a proven fact that the Best Shaver for Bald Head is far better than razors. Most of them are specifically designed for Head Shaving and allow both dry and wet shaves as they are completely waterproof. Moreover, they are safe to use and do not cause any skin irritation.

(7) Never trench the shampoo and conditioner: Even if you are keeping a shaved head, some care is still required for your scalp and the tiny hairs. Over time, dirt and oil build up on the scalp, giving an oily look to your shaved head. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to use a nice piece of refreshing shampoo and finish up your lustrous look with a moisturizing conditioner.

(8) Molt your scalp: Your head starts looking dull due to the dead skin cells which also clogs the pores. The physical appearance of your shaved head is affected by exfoliating the scalp after Head Shaving, by taking away oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. Thus, the skin gets prepared for an extremely close and smooth shave.

(9) Warm Showers, but not hot showers: The skin gets dry out by the heat from the shower. Therefore, you can either nourish or moisturize your scalp with a moisturizer after Head Shaving or you can replace hot showers with warm showers.

(10) Avoid alcohol-containing hair care products: Alcohol causes additional dryness, so you should always stay away from hair care products that contain alcohol. You should always give preference to products that are alcohol-free.

Key Takeaway:

Hope these 10 pieces of useful tips and tricks have helped you to get a better insight into how you should take proper care of your head after shaving with the Best Shaver for Bald Head. Follow them to get a nice and neat bald head and keep yourself away from different types of scalp problems.

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