The Best Guide to Help Choose Jewelry for Your Face Shape

There are many things to consider while buying your favorite tanzanite jewelry or diamond rings for women like your style, your outfit, your skin tone, and many more. This article guides you about what jewelry will suit your face, which is a step that comes before you pop the question of where to buy gold chains, pendants, and earrings. 

This guide will help you if you are someone that buys jewelry off the shelves because they are the most famous ones in the store and end up in a slump because they don’t suit you at all.  

Finding Out the Shape of Your Face

Each face can be loosely classified into one of six shapes: oval, round, heart, square, long, or pear. Follow these easy steps to determine which category your face belongs in:

  1. Pull your hair from your face and tie it in a bun.
  2. Ask someone to take a photo of you looking directly into the camera with your hairline showing while using an erasable pen to trace the shape of your face in a mirror. We advise taking two pictures: one smiling, one with a straight face.
  3. Choose the facial shape that most closely resembles yours after comparing it to the examples below. You are only focusing on the form of your face outline; disregard your facial features.

Choosing Jewelry as Per Your Face Shape 

  • Oval Shape

The line across the cheek (red line), is the widest area in a round and oval shape, which means that there isn’t as much room to add embellishments around the ears. You may make sure that your loose hair isn’t taking up any of the limited space you have by wearing short hairstyles that expose your neckline or by wearing your hair up in a ponytail.

Put on tiny studs or ear cuffs. Additionally, by accentuating your neck, the longest earrings you can get will give you a sensual appearance. For a balanced appearance on a round face, search for long, V-shaped gold chains and necklaces.

  • Diamond Face

Since the forehead is the broadest section of a triangle or diamond face, you should fill it out to compliment your face shape. Your chin is sharp and your jawline is straight, so you need to add some round forms to make yourself look more attractive.

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For a romantic appearance, wear your earrings as close to your eyes as you can. You can adorn your neck with a long drop or chain earrings. Choose organic, rounded shapes to accentuate your jawline. Short necklaces can balance out an unbalanced jaw line on a face with a diamond shape.

  • Square Shape

The base of the face or the area just above the cheek line is where the biggest area of a square or rectangular face can be found. In contrast to what we accomplished with the other two face types, we want to shift the weight in this case away from the widest part of your face and more toward your eyes and ears.

To balance the contour of your face, go crazy with different types of studs, ear cuffs, piercings, or short, dangling earrings (no longer than 2-3 cm). Simple, basic chain earrings that don’t crowd the area around your jawline should be worn. To create a softer look, choose jewelry with curves and liquid designs. Choose medium-length necklaces for square face shapes to help elongate the face.

  • Round Shape 

A round face is about as wide as it is long. A round face has a curving, gentle contours, and a rounded jawline. Select jewelry that draws attention away from your roundness and draws attention to specific features like your eyes and nose. Look for angular jewelry that contrasts with your face’s rounded lines, such as long earrings and necklaces with geometric or pointy pendants. Anything long will contribute to the appearance of a longer facial shape.

  • Long Face

If you have a long face, there are a few things to consider while picking earrings. To start, you should stay away from earrings that sit high on the lobe because they will just draw attention to how long your face is. Choose earrings that rest directly at the bottom of your lobe as an alternative. They won’t lengthen your face farther than it currently does in this way. Big statement earrings are another fantastic choice for those with long faces. Your face may appear a little bit wider and more balanced as a result of this. Therefore, keep these suggestions in mind when searching for the ideal pair of earrings to compliment your long face.

  • Heart Shape 

A heart-shaped face is essentially the opposite of a pear-shaped face. The lines are thickest at the forehead and cheekbones and narrow as they descend to a more angular jawline and chin.

If your face is heart-shaped, you can achieve equilibrium by donning jewelry that makes your jawline appear wider while simultaneously making your forehead appear narrower. Try donning a short choker-style necklace to accomplish this. A beaded necklace or one with large stones is a terrific idea because the goal here is to give the appearance of fullness near the chin and around the jawline. Again, while choosing earrings, try to choose something that adds width to the jawline. 

End Note

It’s crucial to remember that some persons might combine several face forms, so labels like “round” or “triangular” may not accurately describe their facial traits.

Even while these generic suggestions can be a fantastic place to start, only you can decide what jewelry looks best on you. Keep wearing those earrings if you think they look wonderful despite not being suggested here!