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Some latest hat storage strategies to avoid creases and wrinkles

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Whether you wear a Beret or summer straw headwear, a decent hat is a viable way of punctuating your attire. But nothing will hamper your style more than a bent brim or wrinkles. Remember that as a hat wearer, it is your responsibility to be cautious of the proper upkeep and maintenance of the headwear. It’s because hats are a fashion accessory. Every individual spends a vast amount of money on fashion accessories. The more you are careful of its care, the better it will stay. 

The same is the case with headwear. Since there are hats for every occasion and every style, you have to maintain them to ensure that the hat lasts long. 

Every individual desires to protect the hat from damages. However, the cap withers away with time, owing to regular wear and tear. Hence, at home, you have to store the headwear appropriately. If you do not pay attention to these tips and tricks, your high-class fedora hat will lose its shape and versatility.

Best practices for proper hat storage

When thinking of hat storage, location plays a vital role. While there are hundreds and thousands of options where you can leave your hat keeping it safe, it’s not that easy. You have to keep these as unique and dapper as they were when you bought them. Hence, every effort you make in this direction will work in your advantage. Three significant factors make a place perfect for hat storage. These include the following: 

  • Away from the sunlight to avoid sun-bleached spots. 
  • Dry the headwear to avoid water damage and mildew. 
  • Ensure there is proper space for avoiding hat creases. 

These are a few significant points to bear in mind when you look for a space for storing your headwear. For example, if the place is sealed, spacious, and protected from the sun’s harsh rays, it is viable for hat storage. 

Best ways of storing hats to avoid wrinkles

Even after having the perfect place, you may still end up with damaged headwear. It is because of improper techniques of managing and organizing the headwear. Hence, you have to keep a few points in mind when storing the hat: 

  •   Hatbox: When in hesitation, you can go for hat boxes. These are built specifically for hat storage. Moreover, these hat boxes have ample space to ensure that the hat remains ventilated and away from wrinkles. 
  •   Wall pins and racks: In ancient times, when every individual used to wear hats regularly, they used to have a stand at home where they used to put the hat. If you have space in your house, you can go for wall pins and racks to store your hat with ease. Hanging these on the shelf or some hook keeps the headwear raised. It will protect the caps too. 
  •   Shelves: Shelves are a safe spot for headwear. It is a great area where you can store your hat and display it to your guests, as well. Remember that the shelf must be extended and at an appropriate height. It must ensure that the hat remains in shape and gets ventilated adequately. For avoiding curved brim, flip the headwear upside down before putting it on the shelf.  

When storing the headwear, these are a few significant points you must bear in mind. Remember that you are investing your money to purchase a premium hat. Hence, it is your responsibility to be cautious of its maintenance and care. 

Make a note of straw cowboy hat maintenance

Now that you know so much about storing a hat, it’s time to delve deep into the care and maintenance. Straw hats are available in many shapes and sizes, from vintage boaters to snappy Panama hats. They are designed for individuals to wear on a bright sunny day and thereby are comfortable and lightweight. 

Hence, straw hats are a wardrobe staple. When wondering how to clean a straw cowboy hat, remember that you have to use neutral soap and lukewarm water to maintain the look of straw hats. Ensure that you do not bend or crush the material because it will lose its shape. Since the fiber is delicate, you have to ensure its best storage.

Boxes and shelves are the best places for storing straw hats, and that too upside down. You must be very careful when keeping them inside the drawer and ensure that it does not get crushed. 

These are a few significant points to bear in mind when maintaining straw hats in particular and other headwear in general. As a hat wearer, you must be cautious of how you store your hat and the steps you follow to maintain it. The more organized you remain, the better will be your style ensemble.

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