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Is there any packaging for candles?

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You may run into various questions, such as what type of candle Packaging boxes is best, when you begin your handmade candle business. Do you have a particular method for packaging candles? How do you ship candles for the least amount of money?

There are a variety of candle packaging ideas and tips in this article that will help you customize boxes for candles that are both affordable and creative.

Where Can I Find Candle packaging Boxes?

There are many types of luxury custom candle packaging boxes made from cardboard; candle boxes are outer packaging containers for carrying candles. Global packaging company Custom Box Maker offers a wide range of luxury candle packaging boxes. Despite this, we are known for providing our clients with packaging that is both hard and attractive.

What is the best way to package candles?

Obviously, the glass bottles in which the scented candles are packed are fragile, so it’s imperative that you protect them from breaking when you package them.

Wrapping film for bubbles

The glass bottles can be protected from breaking by wrapping the candle in bubble film. You can buy bubble film from Amazon and cut it into any size that you need.

A shipping box that is suitable and durable

A shipping box can have up to seven layers, such as three layers box, five layers box, and even seven to nine layers. A five-layer box is an excellent option. Size is also an important factor to consider. It is necessary to add extra filling material when the parcel is too large. At the same time, transporting the parcel becomes more expensive.

The material used to fill the packaging

The shredded colored paper protects gifts when it’s stuffed with colored shredded paper. The term crinkle paper also refers to a type of paper with a solid color on one side and a mix of colors on the other; it might also be gilded or silvered. Colorful decorations add interest to the candle box, enhancing its texture and color.

How Can I Get Candle packaging Boxes for the Cheapest Price?

Candle Packaging Boxes

Here are some suggestions on different candle packaging types with some packaging ideas.

  1. The Single Candle Box: Candle Packaging Ideas

There are multiple types of candles available in the market; the most common is the single-bottle candle, weighing anywhere between 150 and 400 grams. There are candle vendors who use tin cans to store their candles instead of glass bottles. There are three basic methods for packaging a single-bottle candle.

  • Packaging made of chipboard
  • Box Packaging made from rigid cardboard
  • Packaging made from corrugated cardboard
  • Box Packaging made from paper tubes
  • Packaging for a candle made from chipboard

Candle boxes made with cardboard usually weigh 300 grams and are made of white and brown cardboard. Single bottle candle packaging is typically made from this type of cardboard. Corrugated board lining may be added to packaging to increase strength.

Various printing processes can be used to improve the artistic sense by printing the cardboard directly on the printing machine.

Candles packaged in rigid cardboard

Composite packaging boxes such as rigid cardboard boxes are used to package candles. The first step is to make a pre-designed shape out of gray cardboard that has a thickness of about 1-3 mm. On the outside of the cardboard, there is an adhesive layer of paper.

Candle Packaging Boxes

It is a relatively complicated task to manufacture rigid cardboard candle packaging. However, its greatest strength is the ability to generate a variety of shapes, for example, the shape of a heart.

Packaging for candles made from corrugated cardboard

Corrugated candle boxes are the best choice for economy packaging when compared to rigid cardboard candle boxes. Corrugated cardboard is frequently used to make packaging boxes. There are generally three to five layers of corrugated cardboard. Corrugated cardboard has good shock resistance and strength due to its wave corrugated pattern in the middle. In addition, it has a low price. Hence, it is a good candle packaging boxes wholesale option for merchants with an inadequate packaging budget.

Packaging for candles made of paper tubes

Also known as a cylinder box, the paper tube box comes in a variety of sizes. By using a machine, the cardboard is rolled into cylinders of differing diameters. Cylinders can range in diameter from four to 26 centimeters. The cylinder is then covered with a thin layer of paper. Paper tube cylinders are manufactured using a machine process, while round rigid gift boxes are manufactured using a different process. When you are looking for a cheap cylinder candle box, the paper tube gift box is perfect.

  1. 2. A Guide to Candle Packaging Ideas

The public can now choose from a variety of aromatherapy products, ranging from candles and oils to essential oils at prices ranging from five to a few hundred dollars. The candles available are suitable for people regardless of their income level. The use of scented candles can improve customer service and the environment in commercial establishments, as well as at home to improve life in different ways.

A growing number of candle merchants and manufacturers are offering products and tools related to scented candles in candle gift box sets in order to meet consumers’ diverse needs. In contrast to a single bottle candle box, the material selection, packaging, and construction of the candle gift box are more elaborate.

An experienced candle packaging company with years of experience can assist you with the design of the packaging structure, help you solve problems with the packaging material, and make your production run more smoothly. In order to achieve successful candle packaging strategies, concepts, package designers, wholesalers, and packaging suppliers need to work together.

  1. Subscription boxes for candles with packaging ideas

Subscription boxes of candles will be delivered to subscribers every month. There are often aromatic candle wax, aromatic oils, and gifts, including bath products, salts for baths, or facial masks. Monthly candle subscription boxes include a number of different items.

Mail is usually used to deliver the candle subscription box, and its size is not small. It’s filled with shredded colored paper and has many different small and large things on the inside. The best cardboard to use for candle subscription boxes is corrugated cardboard.

We already mentioned how the good shock resistance of the corrugated box makes it an excellent direct mail packaging. Corrugated cardboard offers two advantages for a merchant: it can be folded, and it takes up minimal storage space. The third benefit of corrugated cardboard is its low price. Recycling and environmental friendliness are two advantages of corrugated cardboard.

Is there anything special about custom candle packaging boxes?

  • A professional and personalized packaging budget planning service is available
  • Prepare packaging samples and provide packaging design
  • Professional packaging engineers provide guidance and assistance


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