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iPad Features You Should Discover and Start Using Immediately

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Apple’s top-tier tablets, aka iPads, are a force to reckon with. Whether it comes to taking notes during a lecture or meeting or enjoying a Netflix watch party with friends, iPads do these and much more with ease. The combination of top-tier hardware paired with excellent software makes the iPad the perfect tool for personal and professional purposes. The market-leading tablet features tons of unique features, among which there are numerous useful ones you may have no idea about. This article will shed light on some hidden-in-plain-sight iPad features you should start using today. Let us dive right in. 

  • Native Voice-to-Text Translator

Typing on an iPad is troublesome, primarily because of the device’s big screen. Even though an external keyboard helps out a lot, turning the iPad horizontally and using it as a laptop is not always possible. Moreover, everyone might not find buying an external keyboard necessary. Therefore, the iPad’s native keyboard offers users the voice dictation feature to reduce inconvenience. Using the microphone-resembling icon present on the last line of the keyboard, users can convert their speech into text. According to Apple, it helps users easily compose messages and notes, edit documents, etc. The best part is that the feature does not require an active internet connection, i.e., it works perfectly well offline. 

  • Siri’s App-Opening Capabilities

If you own an iPad or iPhone, you may have already tested the device’s AI-based assistant Siri numerous times. However, Siri offers a feature that not many users know about. Using your Apple device’s voice-controlled assistant, you can find and open any application on your iPad. To open any application, users simply need to call out Siri and say the application’s name they wish to open. This feature makes opening a particular app convenient for users who have tons of applications installed on their iPad. 

  • Resetting Options

Even though iPads are robust devices that rarely exhibit problems, issues may arise due to specific applications or processes. To address the problem, the iPad features numerous resetting options. For instance, if any minor issue comes up, iPadOS’ soft reset feature instantly solves it. The basic restart process does not hamper or damage your iPad’s utilities. In contrast, it is a universal troubleshooting method that solves most of an iPad’s minor issues. Similarly, there are numerous other ways of resetting the iPad that allows users to troubleshoot specific problems efficiently. For example, the force restart functionality allows users to reboot their iPad without harming any data inside it. On the other hand, the factory reset option wipes out everything present on the iPad, right from the data to the settings. This feature comes in handy when the device faces major functional issues and requires a fresh start. 

  • Floating Keyboard

If you use your phone to text people or search for things on the internet, you may be accustomed to the small and compact size of the virtual keyboard. To ensure that the user faces no problem using the virtual keyboard on the iPad, Apple offers the ‘Floating keyboard” functionality in iPadOS. You can quickly turn the mammoth-sized keyboard into a compact one using the functionality. By pressing and holding the keyboard icon present in the bottom-right corner and clicking on “Floating”, users can enable the compact-sized keyboard and type without hassle.

  • Screen Recorder

The iPad’s “Control Center” is home to numerous valuable functionalities that often get ignored by users. One of the most valuable native features that iPads have is “Screen Recording”. By swiping down from the upper-right side of the screen, you can access your iPad’s Control Center and click on the target-resembling icon to start recording your screen. Once the recording starts, a red-colored band will appear. When you have recorded your screen and wish to stop and save the content, all you need to do is click on the red band. The recording will be saved on your iPad, which you can easily edit, share or delete.  

  • iWork Suite

The iWork Suite on iPads features numerous preloaded applications that are excellent productivity tools. For instance, the “Pages” app allows users to create any form of document they want. Whether it is a simple text document or one with exciting graphics, Pages make creating and managing documents seamless. Similarly, the “Numbers” application facilitates spreadsheets’ easy creation and management. Numerous preloaded spreadsheet templates facilitate convenient management. Furthermore, with the “Keynote” application, users can create appealing presentations filled with informational graphics and creative transitions. If you do not have these apps pre-installed on your iPad, you can download them free from the App Store. 

The iPad is a perfect blend of beauty and performance. Each variant of the iPad offers top-tier features that facilitate users to be more productive and stay entertained. If you have an iPad, you should try out the features and functionalities mentioned above to accentuate your iPad experience.

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