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How you can find the best freelance book editors

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Professional freelance book editors usually play a huge part in the book publishing industry. Remember that you need to utilize the services of freelance book editors for your book to be successful. A book editor can review and revise your story by checking it word-by-word, line-by-line, and page-by-page. 

They usually do this to review many elements, such as grammar, accuracy, clarity, and content to ensure that a book is ready for publishing. But before you hire a freelance book editor, there are a few things you have to know. This article discusses how you can find the best freelance book editors.

A freelance book editor

Regardless of whether you intend to self-publish your book or want to offer your manuscript to the large publishing companies, it’s necessary to make sure that the manuscript is refined so that other people can read it. A freelance book editor can go through your book thoroughly, though it tends to depend on the type of editing you desire. 

Some of the editing you may require include developmental editing that involves a big-picture approach and line editing that needs a closer reading. A freelance book editor can find various ways to improve your writing, both creatively and technically. 

As explained earlier, there are various types of book editing services. You can begin by self-editing  your manuscript and hire beta readers to get feedback. But a professional freelance book editor can go even deeper into the system of your book to refine phrases and words so that the story gets better and easier to sell. Therefore, to find an ideal freelance book editor, you must figure out the type of editing services you need.

For example, a developmental editor can handle character development and content editing. Also, they can assist with the whole structure of your both whether it’s non-fiction or fiction. 

A line editor usually deals with the meticulous task of polishing sentences. They can analyze lines for content word choice, structure, and flow between sentences and paragraphs. 

You may also need a copy editor who can handle the details of sentences and words. They look for punctuation, spelling, and grammatical errors. Besides, they also make sure that there is consistency throughout the book.

Lastly, you may require proofreading which is considered to be the final stages of the editing process before your book gets published. Therefore, a proofreader can look for technical errors, such as formatting problems, typos, and missing or repetitive text.

Key things worth considering when hiring a freelance book editor

If you are writing your first book, you may need more than one type of editing services. A developmental editor can assist your book structure and character development while a copy editor can refine your writing skills. Keep in mind that you can find some freelance book editors who provide ghostwriting services. 

As mentioned above, you can decide to begin by self-editing your first draft. You can get people who either are paid or volunteer to read your draft and give feedback. This can help in shaping your story before a freelance book editor comes in.

The complexity of your project can also determine whether or not it’s a good idea to hire a freelance book editor. If you want to write a nonfiction book that has a specific topic, editing expenses can be higher than a simple narrative story because it’s harder to edit such a book. Fact checking can also attract extra costs.

If you decide to get a freelance book editor, you need to check the years of experience they have. You should also find out if they have ever worked in-house, such as a publishing company, which is an ideal experience for any editor. Further, you can review their referrals, testimonials, and past work. And, if they worked on a certain book that made huge sales, it can be a good sign. You can also have a feel of how they may handle your book, so ask them to provide a sample edit on a couple of pages of your book.

A good freelance book editor also needs to specialize in a specific genre. Therefore, a potential freelance editor should have experience in the same genre of your book. For example, if you decide to write a children’s book, the editor needs to have experience editing children’s stories. A fiction editor also needs to handle a fiction narrative. That said, you have to know the level of professional editing services you want. Novice authors may want to get a developmental editor to help them shape the structure. 

You also need to consider the software they use. Some authors utilize specific software programs to write their manuscript, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Most people are usually conversant with these various programs, but you should still make sure that the potential freelance book editor can use them so that you can check the changes they make. 

Every writer needs to use the services of a freelance book editor, especially if it’s the first book you are writing. You should also remember that there is a certain cost for hiring a freelance book editor. Some of the editors can charge by the word or even by the hour. In some cases, the freelance book editors can charge by the project which is usually based on total word count. Therefore, you need to know that it’s a financial investment into your book when you decide to hire a freelance book editor. 

You need to have a budget for a good freelance book editor so that you can improve the chances of your book’s success. Various book editors also can charge different fees depending on the type of editing services they provide and their experience. You can also find some freelance book editors who ask for a flat fee and a percentage up front and others can charge an hourly rate.

The bottom line is that you need to get an affordable freelance book editor who can offer excellent services for your book. In this way, you can be sure that your book can stand out on the market.

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