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How to Spot Fake Gold Chains in 2022

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When purchasing the best fake gold jewelry or any other jewelry item, it’s not always easy to tell if a piece is a real thing. There are times when you can’t even identify whether a piece is a gold or a replica.

Gold chains are a crucial piece of jewelry for all fashionistas but it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying fakes if you don’t do your research.  buy fake gold chain online is a risky business which is why we recommend you check out the websites that deal only with certified jewelry.

When shopping for jewelry online, all you can depend on is the item’s description and customer reviews. However, we understand that there are many cases where a chain may appear to be of top quality gold but upon further inquiry, it can turn out to be made from ceramic instead! Sounds risky, right?

Well if you are looking to buy 14 karat gold chains online then you will want to be sure that the product you receive is as advertised, not just in how it looks but also in terms of quality. It’s also worth stating that due to limits on shipping such products across state lines at a distance greater than 100 miles, there may be additional taxes or fees associated with your purchase according to the laws of your individual state.

How to Spot Fake Gold Chains

Some people refer to fake gold chains as imitation chains. These are jewelry pieces that are made with materials such as sterling silver or brass, but they’re coated in a thin layer of real gold to make them look like the more expensive real gold jewelry worn by celebrities.

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To spot fake gold chains, you can use the following steps

1. Compare the size, weight, and price of the gold chain you would want to buy

When looking to buy a quality gold chain, you will likely visit a number of jewelry stores and see just how many options are available in each. Gold chains differ in terms of size, length, and carat weight.

I have probably seen and worn a few of those huge gold chains that rappers usually wear around their necks. What’s funny is that the first thing I expect when I see one of these flashy necklaces on someone is that it must have cost a ton!

However, I would be wrong to assume this just because they are really large or because they seem really flashy. You’ll learn why in just a bit! On the contrary, when we look at smaller chains, we are often quick to interpret that their prices are cheaper and they may not hit the tens of thousands mark.

When purchasing a chain for your necklace, make sure it’s sturdy and well-made by using a solid metal material that is either platinum or gold. Chains made with these materials are typically very expensive because of the rarity of their materials and craftsmanship.

Most likely, if you see a huge chain that looks like it’s made out of solid gold and diamonds, chances are it’s not real. A reputable jeweler will be able to use precious materials in the right amounts to create jewelry that is both luxurious and beautiful!

If you come across huge golden chains selling for around half their normal price, think twice because the salesperson might have paid more than that. Does it make sense to buy something of good value at a throwaway price? That’s like paying Rs 1490 for a computer that is really worth Rs 2000!

2. Examine the gold coloring of the chain

Gold chains are the center point of attention on any outfit. They have an unmistakable luxurious gold appearance with a slight yellow hue that gives it away easily at first glance.

The yellow gold chains you should not buy are they which are very shiny nor do they reveal any metallic color in them. And if your gold necklace is made of pure yellow color, then it may be a fake product so I advise the customer to skip that purchase.

Gold is the most popular choice of precious metal due to its warm, friendly color. It is one of the most desirable metals in jewelry and it’s very rare, which makes it expensive and valuable. As an authentic gold product, MiiCrafts products are sure to impress you and your friends!

Make sure that any gold chain is in good condition before buying it and if there are any sections with the color starting to fade away- you may want to consider moving on from that chain as it’s probably a fake.


Any type of gold jewelry can be flashy, elegant, and expensive, so when purchasing any jewelry make sure it is true to its own value no matter what your intended use for it—whether that’s for fashion or for a special occasion if you opt for sterling silver don’t buy the imitation.

We strongly recommend shopping with a jeweler that has some sort of assurance like a return policy so that even if the chain ends up being fake, you can always get your money back.

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