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How to Make Your Custom Rigid Boxes Luxurious in 2021?

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It’s possible to enhance the unboxing experience of your clients and keep your brand in their minds by using beautiful packaging boxes. Rigid boxes are the best choice if you want to give your products a luxurious appearance and feel. These high-quality boxes have an inflexible nature, security, and a high-end appearance. Furthermore, you can customize them to your heart’s content, from the printing on the boxes’ interiors and exteriors through making adjustments. It’s possible that these boxes can help you sell more of your products. Hence, peruse the following for four creative ways to spruce up your wholesale rigid boxes.

Your Black Rigid Boxes Need Inserts.

The use of inserts is a fantastic way to get your products up and running. Additionally, they ensure that they can see all of the products within when buyers open the boxes. If you want to give your packaging boxes a more luxurious feel, consider stamping on the inserts.

The inserts could be debossed with your company’s emblem for an extra dose of branding. Your shipping boxes will also be displayed with pride, thanks to this. In this way, customers would see your branded products as well as the branding material.

Stylish black rigid boxes are the best option for this purpose. The cover and base could easily be printed with a vibrant brand pattern. It can further enhance the boxes with foil stamping, spot UV, and, most unexpectedly, personalized stickers.

Packaged in Rigid Magnetic Boxes with an Additional Seal

Thanks to magnetic rigid box packaging, it will be safe and sound when they arrive at their destination. With an extra layer of security, these boxes will be excellent. String and button closures are an option.

Your packaging will seem more appealing, and it will highlight your brand with this additional closure. Because of this, it will also lure such clients to the packaging box’s feel. Additionally, this package provides a more memorable unwrapping experience for them.

For Your Wholesale Rigid Boxes, Consider Creating Custom Shapes.

When discussing rigid wholesale boxes, we may think of a square or rectangular boxes. One way to distinguish out from the competition is to use unique designs and forms in these boxes.

You could, for example, use hexagonal boxes with foam additions to store your jewelry. Material that is slightly more moldable than other materials is used to make rigid boxes. 

Incorporate a Window Shape into Your Rigid Boxes! Packaging

Customers can see what’s inside your rigid box packing if it has a window form. It’s much better if you can put some material on the side of the box where the window changes to reflect your brand.

If you have various similar products, a window-like design will help customers see what they’re looking at. The most crucial thing you’re doing is demonstrating to your buyers that the product inside is of the highest quality. Then again, how great could it get?

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