How Long Does Brown Sugar Last? (Tips To Store For Long Time)

Brown Sugar

Earthy-colored sugar is a typical fixing in baking. It gives treats, cakes, biscuits, and different desserts a more lively variety, adds to their flavor, and makes them more heavenly. Presently, on the off chance that you’ve had a parcel sitting in the storeroom for some time, you might ponder, “Is it is still really great for utilization?” Well, we are going to find out!

Does Brown Sugar Go Bad?

In fact, earthy-colored sugar doesn’t turn sour. Like other sugar types and assortments, earthy-colored sugar will keep going endlessly insofar as it isn’t presented to abundance intensity, air, and not being visited by bugs. As such, the main thing really is the means by which you store it. Legitimate capacity will continuously give your sugar a more extended timeframe of realistic usability and guarantee it stays in brilliant condition.

Assuming that you allow your earthy colored sugar to stay uncovered to air, for instance, the dampness in it will dissipate, making it cluster. In addition to that. Like anything sweet, your sugar will be more helpless to mess with pollution.

How Long Does Brown Sugar Last?

Earthy colored sugar has a particularly lengthy time span of usability. With legitimate capacity, it can endure endlessly. While this doesn’t mean the sugar will hold flavor forever, it will stay ok for utilization for the majority, numerous years.

Most earthy-colored sugar makers suggest that the item be utilized in two years or less. This is ordinary, as no food thing accompanies a name expressing that the item will endure endlessly. Regardless, to scoop all flavors and get the best out of your earthy colored sugar, use it inside the predetermined course of events.


It means a lot to remember that, similarly as with many baking items, earthy colored sugar will probably not accompany a lapse date imprinted on the bundle. You might find a ‘best before’ date however generally speaking, no termination date is given. Along these lines, you might have the option to utilize the item even after the date has passed.

As expressed, earthy colored sugar won’t have waste issues given that it is put away the correct way. Notwithstanding, similar to all food things, it is dependably essential to investigate earthy colored sugar before use to ensure it is ok for utilization. Here are a things to be watching out for:

1. Bugs In The Package

Sweet things will continuously draw in vermin, and earthy colored sugar is no special case. On the off chance that the thing isn’t fixed as expected, bugs will find their direction into the bundle, begin benefiting from it and even variety in there. On the off chance that you track down bugs (in any condition), eggs, or hatchlings inside the sugar pack or compartment, it implies the thing is presently not ok for human utilization.

2. Shape

Shape by and large doesn’t develop on sugar. Nonetheless, in light of the fact that earthy colored sugar has a somewhat wet surface, it is feasible for it to foster shape. It is an uncommon event however, yet when earthy colored sugar is put away where it ingests dampness, it can for sure foster shape. Assuming you see form beginning to fill in your earthy colored sugar, simply dispose of the sugar.

3. The Smell Is Off

It’s normal for earthy colored sugar to retain the scents of flavors and different items in the storeroom. Assuming you find yours resembling one of the things put away close to it, odds are it has assimilated that smell. It could likewise imply that the sack or holder holding the sugar isn’t as expected fixed.

You might, in any case, involve your earthy colored sugar in this state, however in the event that the smell it discharges is serious areas of strength for excessively, is ideal to simply discard it. In any case, the subsequent prepared luxuries will emanate a portion of that smell and you don’t need that.

And Hard Lumps In Brown Sugar?

Amassed, solidified earthy colored sugar doesn’t mean the item is ruined. The main issue is that such sugar is generally difficult to utilize.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to relax it. More often than not, breaking it with a fork or electric blender will get the job done. Yet, the issue could likewise be settled by essentially covering the sugar with a damp paper towel and warming it in the microwave.

4 Tips To Store Brown Sugar

Earthy colored sugar when recently opened is generally delicate and feathery, yet if you don’t watch out, this fragile item can gradually transform into hard protuberances in your storage space after some time. Fortunately, this can stay away from. The following are a few stunts for putting away earthy-colored sugar to keep it everything looking great and prepared to endlessly utilize.

1. Utilize An Airtight Container

Earthy-colored sugar gets hard due to openness to air. On the off chance that you store the item in a sealable, water/airproof compartment or Ziplock sack, it will remain delicate. For best outcomes, pack the sugar to the top. For Ziplock, in any case, make a point to press overabundance air out prior to fixing the pack.

2. Think about Purchasing A Terra-Cotta Sugar Saver

An earthenware sugar saver is a little round gadget typically produced using earthenware mud. Its responsibility is to deliver dampness into the sugar so it remains delicate away. Put it in your earthy-colored sugar to keep it irregularity free.

Before you do, nonetheless, absorb the plate water for around 20 minutes and get it dry. Then, at that point, store it with the sugar, ideally in a sealed shut compartment or Ziplock pack. Ensure the actual sugar is delicate prior to adding the gadget. Assuming you utilize the sugar saver with earthy colored sugar that is as of now clustered, it might require as long as twelve hours to relax the sugar.

3. Toss In Marshmallows

On the off chance that you don’t have an earthenware gadget, marshmallows can finish the work. Place a couple of in the sugar compartment to keep it delicate.

4. Store With Bread

Bread is moderately sodden ordinarily. Adding a part of your compartment of earthy colored sugar can go far in aiding keep the sugar delicate. The sugar will assimilate dampness from it to forestall bunching. On the off chance that you are utilizing bread with lumped earthy colored sugar, it could take some time before the sugar begins to relax, now and again as long as 24 hours.

Could You at any point Use Apple Slices?

Certain individuals have contended that putting away earthy colored sugar with cuts of natural product like apple can assist with keeping the sugar delicate. While this is valid generally, on the off chance that the organic product pieces are left in an impermeable holder for a really long time without being refrigerated, they will begin to decay. Additionally, they will spread shape to the earthy-colored sugar, making it ill-suited for utilization.

In this way, no. You can’t utilize lumps of apple to store your earthy-colored sugar long haul. Just use them to relax currently solidified earthy-colored sugar.

For additional experiences on the most proficient method to appropriately store earthy-colored sugar for long-haul use, watch this video:

The Risk Of Consuming Expired Brown Sugar

As we referenced, earthy-colored sugar doesn’t actually terminate. Without a doubt, it might foster hard protuberances after some time yet that is certainly not an indication of termination or waste. You could undoubtedly mellow the knots and utilize your sugar as wanted. Nonetheless, in uncommon cases, earthy-colored sugar can foster form because of unfortunate stockpiling.

All things considered, the dangers of devouring rotten earthy colored sugar are genuinely like those of eating different food varieties with form. Form produces harmful synthetic compounds called mycotoxins, along these lines, on the off chance that you are pondering, rotten food can be perilous. Contingent upon the sum consumed and the strength of the individual, the poisons can cause disease and even demise.

Brown Sugar

Could You at any point Freeze Brown Sugar?

Indeed, you can. At the point when legitimate rules are kept, freezing can be an extraordinary method for expanding the existence of your earthy-colored sugar. It can keep it delicate, elegant, and brimming with flavor endlessly. This is the way to get everything done as well as possible:

1. Secure An Airtight Container Or Plastic Bag

While freezing earthy-colored sugar, you will need a holder or Ziplock pack that is totally hermetically sealed. This isn’t just to keep scents from contiguous food things out yet, in addition, to keep the sugar from solidifying.

2. Pick A Suitable Spot In The Freezer

Earthy-colored sugar is famous for retaining smells. You unquestionably don’t have any desire to have your sugar smelling or possessing a flavor like onions or crude fish.

To keep up with your sugar’s unique taste, select a cooler spot that is less packed. In the event that you have numerous food things in the cooler, consider reworking them so you don’t store your sugar almost an undesirable flavor. You really must get the sugar far from the entryway, as this piece of the cooler generally encounters more prominent temperature variances.


Earthy colored sugar doesn’t be guaranteed to turn sour. Nonetheless, on the off chance that not put away as expected, it can solidify, retain kinds of the close by food things, or at times, even foster shape. Follow the tips shared here to store your earthy colored sugar the correct way so it can remain at its ideal and fill its need longer.