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5 Ways To Resolve QuickBooks Error 15215

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Have you ever encountered QuickBooks Error 15215? It’s a typical error code experienced by users while updating QuickBooks to the latest edition. It usually appears with a payroll update or a maintenance release. 

When you receive this issue, the server error message may stop receiving, or you may have limited access. It may prompt the following problem message on your desktop screen while downloading payroll updates:

Error 15215: Not able to Verify Digital Signature

This article will walk you through the five most effective methods for resolving QuickBooks Error Code 15215, including its causes and symptoms. Before that, let us understand the meaning of the Error code 15215.

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QuickBooks error 15215: Meaning

When downloading payroll updates, QuickBooks Error 15215 can be observed. It happens during the payroll upgrade process as a result of a conflict with another application running in the system. 

This issue could be caused by a program or software operating in the background that is taking an excessive amount of bandwidth. If the firewall is configured to prevent the software from connecting to the server, this error is also triggered.

There may be further components to this QuickBooks error code 15215 that will be explored later in this article.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 15215

The following are the most common causes of the QuickBooks Error 15215:

  • This issue could be caused by an incorrect configured Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • The signature on corporate files is verified by QuickBooks accounting software. This error can occur if any of the files downloaded during the update process cannot be verified.
  • This error message may appear if your QuickBooks installation is incomplete or incorrect.
  • A virus or malware has infiltrated your PC.
  • Incorrect QuickBooks desktop installation or a corrupted download.

Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15215

Check out the below-mentioned symptoms to discover if an error code 15215 is bothering you:

  • The occurrence of this issue may cause the Windows application to crash.
  • A window will appear on your screen with the message ‘Error 15215: Unable to validate the digital signature.’
  • While in use, your computer may begin to freeze.
  • Windows and its applications, as well as peripherals such as the mouse and keyboard, may become slow to respond.
  • When you run the same program, your desktop becomes contaminated with Payroll Error 15215.

Possible Solutions To Resolve QuickBooks Error 15215

After exploring the causes and symptoms of QuickBooks Error 15215, it is necessary to look at the effective solutions to resolve the Error Code 15215. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve the Error Code 15215:

Solution 1: Log in as an Administrator

  • Firstly confirm that your QuickBooks Desktop is closed.
  • Then, select Run as Administrator and right-click on the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
  • When you get the message “Do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer?” click Yes.

Solution 2: Check the TLS 1.0 Settings

  • All QuickBooks windows should be closed.
  • Launch the Internet Explorer browser.
  • Select the Internet Options icon from the Tools menu.
  • Now, select Advanced.
  • Now, go to Advanced Settings and look for the Use TLS 1.0, Use 1.1, and Use TLS 1.2 options. (Note: These choices may not be available in older versions of Internet Explorer.)
  • Keep the checkbox checked before using TLS 1.0 indicated and leave the rest unmarked.
  • Close the Internet Explorer internet options window by clicking OK.
  • To see the changes take effect, reboot your system.
  • Check to see if any available updates appear after the system boots. If there is an update available, try downloading it again.
  • Click OK to end the Internet Explorer internet options window.
  • Reboot your computer to see the changes take effect.
  • After the system boots, look for any available updates. If an update is available, try downloading it again.

Solution 3: Restart MS Window in Selective Startup

  • Firstly, Close your QuickBooks Desktop
  • Then, open run windows in the system:
  • Windows XP users should use the following commands: To begin, go to the start menu and select the run icon.
  • For Windows 7 and Vista, you should go to the start menu and then all programs tab. Also, go to the run tab and the accessories tab.
  • Furthermore, for Windows 8 and 10, hit the Windows + R buttons simultaneously.
  • Open the Run window, type msconfig, and then press the OK button.
  • The System Configuration Utility is launched. Allow the configuration window to appear.
  • Select Selective Startup and uncheck the box before Load Startup Items.
  • Click the Save and then OK buttons.
  • Restart your computer now.
  • Once the restart has been completed successfully! Click on the QB Desktop icon to launch it and download the most recent tax table
  • After completing the preceding procedures from 1 to 4, launch the System Configuration Utility.
  • Also, check the option for Normal Startup and then press the OK button.
  • To ensure that the changes take into effect, restart your computer.

Solution 4: Reboot the system

Rebooting the system is another approach you can use to resolve this issue. Restarting the system might sometimes help to fix a few bugs, particularly those linked to the internet, network, or printing.

However, if the approach does not resolve the issue and you continue to receive Quickbooks Error 15215 on a regular basis, stop all background applications and proceed to the next method.

Solution 5: Manually install updates

If none of the preceding ways worked for you, you can manually install the updates. The steps to take here are as follows:

  • Navigate to the QuickBooks Update option.
  • Ascertain that the product has been chosen.
  • Select the QuickBooks product by clicking on the Change tab.
  • Select the update option and specify where you want the file to be saved.
  • When you’re through with the preceding step, make sure to click the Save button.
  • Locate the file that was downloaded in the previous step.
  • Then double-click on the install the update tab.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Open QuickBooks to see if the most recent update has been downloaded.


The aforementioned solutions are the trusted approaches to resolve Quickbooks Error 15215. In case, the problem persists after implementing the possible solutions you can connect with the concerned team for further assistance.You Can Also Read More Articles.


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