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5 Common Timeshare Resale Scams to Avoid

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Timeshare owners are repeatedly looking out for ways to get rid of their timeshare contracts. And that can be either because of the buyer’s remorse or even for the financial hardships they face. As a matter of concern, some owners become so desperate that they can do anything to resell the property, and that can lead to possible scams.

So, if you are also a desperate owner who wants to get rid of their property as soon as possible, read our blog below. We have jotted down some of the common timeshare resale scams that one must avoid.

The list of scams is worth considering and will make you aware that it is definitely not your cup of tea! So, let’s not waste any more time in checking out what our list tells you!

5 Most Common Timeshare Scams One Must Be Aware of!

If you are thinking about your Pueblo Bonito timeshare cancellation, let’s check out our list below! We have carefully gone through thorough research and come up with the best tips you must keep note of!

Here are the most common types of timeshares resale scams that you must be aware of:

1.The Company Offers Help to You!

Most of the time, the one who is desperately looking for a company is the owner. Because they seriously want to get off their load, which has turned into a liability, or are literally fed-up. But when a company comes forth and offers help to you, that doesn’t sound good!

Resale companies that come to you and offer you help can be scammers. You might hear promises like people lined up to buy your property. That’s the alarming time when you need to go online and start searching.

You might end up noticing that the company actually doesn’t exist. Or even that company exists, they have loads of complaints. Be very cautious about such companies because you’ll find plenty on the list.

2.  Fees Request!

Another alarming sign that the company is a fraud is this one! In most cases, timeshare exit companies ask for money as registration costs, timeshare maintenance, closing costs, etc. These are the normal things renowned companies ask money for. But if the company asks you for money before any proceedings or paperwork, be sure it to be a scammer.

At times, you might be given the option of getting your money back, but that’s also something that we wouldn’t want you to indulge into. Always do your research well, go through their official website, check out the reliable feedback clients have made, and that’s when you can go forward.

All fees or transactions must be done on a contract paper, and that will assure you that the person you are dealing with is not a scammer.

3.  You’ll Get Thousands of Dollars!

Scam Alert!!! Well, the timeshare market is something where many people avoid for the loads of money you lose. As a matter of fact, renowned people often say that the seller pays up the buyer in the timeshare market. Doesn’t that ring a bell in your head already?

Well, if it yet hasn’t, let us tell you timeshares are a bad investment. If the timeshare is something you are thinking about for investment purposes, you are walking the wrong alley.

So, when you hear the exit companies promising you that you’ll be getting loads of dollars, be sure they are scamming you.

4. Be Sure of the Buyer!

Not all scammers out there play the old school way! At times, there is a company they do have policies to follow, and they do have a physical office, but in the real picture, the buyer doesn’t exist.

When you are collaborating with a company, make sure you know the buyer, have seen them, you are confirmed they are interested in your property. Once you have tick marked these objectives, you are good to go!

Only then, go ahead and make a plan and pay up. This is because it is seen in the past that the company has a virtual buyer who doesn’t exist; the seller believes that signs the papers, and then they realize no one is buying their property.

And with your signature on the legal papers, you are tied down and cannot file a case against the company as well. So, first, be sure and then go forward with selling off your property.

5. Be Aware of Being Scammed Twice!

It is possible to be a victim of being scammed once. But there again, you open up the chance of being scammed twice. Yes, you read that correctly!

The second might just come in to rescue you from the first pain, and that might end up hurting you even more. They might give you false promises of recovering your money from the scam, and they will help you in getting back your hard-earned money, etc., etc. Be cautious about these things well in advance.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our blog today, we hope you know what the common scams are and how you can fall prey to them! So, keep your eyes open, and your mind alert if you are thinking about collaborating with a Best Timeshare Exit company.

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